Alex Saar - Communications Designer

Bønne Roasting Co.

     Delivering a Nordic brew


Bønne Roasting Co.

(2016) Student work: Packaging, branding, illustration

Bønne Roasting Co. Is a Kitsilano coffee roastery owned and operated by Sevard Blom and his wife Anni. Their roastery, aptly named Bønne, which is Norwegian for bean, delivers Nordic flavours and traditions to Vancouver's diversifying coffee house scene.

With cold brew coffee products growing in popularity, Bønne Roasting Co. sought the opportunity to launch their own house blend in bottled form for wholesale distribution across Vancouver. I was tasked to create a new signature and a bottle design that would live up to their unique character, differentiate on store shelves, and attract an eclectic audience of coffee enthusiasts.

Taking influence from Scandinavian folk art and the rich natural flavours of the brew, I crafted a new signature and cold brew label that stands apart by embracing what coffee lovers enjoy most: the finer details. The contemporary floral arrangement pairs well with Bønne’s Nordic roots while maintaining a degree of sophistication that is necessary for attracting the discerning coffee drinker.

I came away from this project with a deeper understanding of Canada’s food & drug regulations, and praise from peers having created a label design that really did stand out from other cold brew beverages.