Alex Saar - Communications Designer

Houston Tech Support

Solving tech problems


Houston Tech Support

(2017) Student work: branding, copywriting, illustration

Offering hardware, software and networking solutions, Houston is a startup tech support company operating in Vancouver. Tech support is a saturated market posing significant challenges for a start-up. The Houston brand needs to stand out and represent a bold, humanistic touch while focusing on the creative industry as an area of service specialty.

NASA’s famed mission control, Houston, and its connection to problem solving made for a clever brand name. The tagline serves as a messaging device to humorously relay outlandish and common tech problems that creatives can relate to. The icon pattern further infuses the quirky character into the brand applications, while representing the most common types of issues Houston solves. The yellow colour scheme makes the brand distinguishable from its competitors and establishes a warm approachable tone.