Alex Saar - Communications Designer

Beginner's Guide to Sprue Cutting

A sprue cutter's best friend


Beginner's Guide to Sprue Cutting

(2015) Student work: information design

Vancouver Model Makers is a public hobby group founded in 1993 and run entirely by a community of Vancouver’s most passionate scale modeling hobbyists. With meetings held monthly the club is always looking to grow its membership in order to pull off bigger and more exciting events each year.

Looking to grow their club size and inspire new people to join the scale modelling hobby, VMM was in the need for a simple print based communication that could convey details of the hobby while also remaining simple and easy to digest. After getting in contact I proposed a series of cost effective info guides that could be created in large runs and distributed to community centres and hobby shops across Vancouver.

The finished guide walks readers through the steps of how to prepare for building their first kit and is intended to give them a good overview of what an entry level model builder might come to expect. I created a wide range of technical illustrations to keep copy to a minimum and give better clarity to each step. The colour scheme was limited to grayscale in order to save money on printing.  A flexible grid system was implemented to arrange type elements neatly with corresponding imagery. The results create a comprehensive guide of the build process that is both easy to follow and encourages readers to try it out for themselves.